pricing overview

includes evening and weekend production

Includes evening and weekend production

project completion - 2 business days

project completion - 3 business days

project completion - 5 business days

project completion - 6+ business days

New Customer Incentives

Pricing Structure

  1. Once the the payment posts, an email acknowledging receipt is emailed with the Request for Information. The answers to the Request for Information (RFI) are used to design the first draft of the new resume.
  2. The first draft of the new resume is emailed for review and approval; and options are offered for facilitating changes. If no changes are needed to the first draft, the draft watermark is removed and the cover letter prepared.
  3. Draft 2 and the Cover Letter are emailed back to the customer for review and another opportunity given for any final changes to each of the files before closing the ticket.
  4. When the project closes, final files are emailed in a zipped file with PDF and MS Word versions of the resume and cover letter.

First time service users automatically receive a fifty dollar discount on their initial project.  Depending on the project, this could mean your first job is free!

PLEASE NOTE:  First time pricing discounts have already been applied to the Resume and CV projects.

Resume / CV Projects - Statement of Work 







​Pricing structures are based on the nature and scope of each project and/or assignment and the turnaround time frame allotted for completion.  To compensate for reasonable travel and other miscellaneous related expenses, an office supply surcharge is included in the contract pricing and will equal ten percent (10%) of the total quote amount.​​

$50 minimum fee for all projects

4 hour minimum processing time 

Actual work time charged in 15 minute increments - rounded up

Payment in US Dollars billed through PayPal unless alternate arrangements are made

Resume & Curriculum Vitae (CV) Services

Production Standards for Transcription / Document Processing / General Office Work

Same Day Service:

24 Hour Service:

Expedited Service:

Rush Service:

​Standard Service:

​Budget Service:

ABLE Office Services

Business Services Consulting / Administrative Support


Standard Resume & Cover Letter

        $150          Not more than 2 pages - no more than 3 draft reviews for each

Curriculum Vitae (CV) & Cover Letter

        $200          Maximum 10 pages - no more than 3 draft reviews for each

PowerPoint Visual Resume

        $250         Maximum of 10 slides - includes a standard resume (2 pages) and cover letter