ABLE Office Services

Quality Administrative Support and Consulting


Pricing Overview

Pricing is based on the nature and scope of the assignment and the turnaround time frame allotted for completion.  Total totals To compensate for reasonable travel an office supply surcharge is included in the contract pricing. The surcharge is 10% of the total quote amount.

Incentives for first time customers

We want to be clear on the fact that we want to earn your business. First time service users automatically receive a fifty dollar discount on their initial project.  Depending on the project, this could mean your first job is free!

Retainer Services

Designed for end-users with ongoing project needs that require an almost immediate turnaround without premium pricing for expedited processing. Retainer contracts start at 10 hours per month. Service utilization is tracked. Retainer clients rest assured with the knowledge that their projects will be efficiently and cost effectively managed using guaranteed turnarounds on any realistic project deadline. This pricing offers the most bang for your buck!

Standard billing rates for transcription, document processing, and general office work

  1. $50 minimum fee for all projects.
  2. Minimum processing time is 4 hours.
  3. Actual work time is charged in 15 minute increments and rounded up.
  4. Payments must be paid in US dollars. Billing is processed through PayPal unless alternate arrangements are made.

Billing Breakout

Same Day Service:  $150/hour (includes evening & weekend)Standard Service (5 business days): $35/hour
24 Hour Service: $100/hour (includes evening & weekend)Rush Service (3 business days): $50/hour
Expedited Service (2 business days): $75/hourBudget Service (no set TAT): $25/hour